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Do you want to establish a core group of friends that know you by name, that care about the things you care about, that pray for you every week? Do you want to establish life-long connections with people of like mind and like faith? If so, then LIFE GROUPS are just the ticket. LIFE GROUPS allow you to make new friendships, connect personally with people who are on your same journey, eat, laugh, and support each other in significant ways. If you’re not a part of a LIFE GROUP yet, take advantage of this time.

LIFE GROUP sign-ups are on-going. Join a group today!


"Life Groups: Doing Life Together" - 08/13/17

"Life Groups: Community At The Gate" - 08/20/17


Life Group FAQs

What are Life Groups?
Life Groups are small groups of friends or acquaintances that meet in homes on convenient evenings. Some of the groups come together because the people share similar backgrounds; others form because people live close by. These groups will meet together weekly for coffee and conversation. We want to build upon the friendships we have.

Are Life Groups cliques?
Life Groups are not cliques at all. These groups are not mutually exclusive. It’s impossible for us to know all 750 people or more that call Grandview Nazarene their home. Life Groups gives us a chance to carry each other’s burdens and in so doing fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

Are Life Groups for everyone?
It is our aim to continue creating Life Groups until everyone that worships at Grandview Nazarene Church has a place to connect throughout the week. We will continue to add Life Groups until this is a reality.

Are children welcome?
Please check with the Life Group leader. Some life groups will be able to accommodate children; others will not be able to do so.

Do Life Groups have a variety of studies?
Grandview Nazarene has several different tracks for adult learning. We have a variety of specific studies that happen and will continue to foster these. Marriage, parenting, financial management, estate planning, addictions recovery and more will continue to be made available through our Strong Group system that is mostly hosted at the church. Life Groups (at least for now) will be focused on building strong friendships, serving the community and developing a foundation of prayer.

What happens in a Life Group?
The 1 1/2 to 2 hour period will have time for talking about life, the challenges, the wins, praying together, discussing the content of last Sunday’s message and how it impacted our lives, and eating together. All of these gatherings are informal and designed to foster healthy connections with our church family.

How do I get connected to a Life Group?
We are going to be signing up for Life Groups starting in August 2017. You can sign up in the lobby, on-line or feel free to call the office or even the group leader of the group you would like to be a part of.

Am I stuck in a Life Group if I don’t like it?
If for some reason a Life Group that you signed up for doesn’t work for you it’s no problem to move to a different group. We ask that you coordinate that through contacting Pastor Wes. He will help to connect you with a group that will work better for you.

Will I be forced to leave my Life Group?
You will never be forced to leave the Life Group you love.


Life Groups Locations


Huffman -- G1

Jim and Yvonne Huffman: Host

Meeting location:
Grandview Nazarene Church - Café
500 N. Elm St.
Grandview, WA 98930

Meeting Time: Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm.

Childcare: Check with Host

Who can connect? Anyone (Full capacity)

Kresse -- G2

Cary Kresse: Host

Meeting Location:
Grandview Nazarene Church - Room 113
500 N. Elm St.
Grandview, WA 98930

Meeting Time: Sunday, 8:00

Childcare: No

Who can connect? Men

Metcalf/Noel -- G3

Metcalfs and the Noels

Meeting Location: 

Meeting Time: Thursday, 7-8:30pm

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Anyone (Full capacity)

Barg/Howe -- G4

Trudi Barg: Guide

Rob and Shauna Howe: Host

Meeting Location: 
Rob and Shauna Howe
805 Conestoga Drive
Grandview, WA  98930

Meeting Time: TBA

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Anyone

Larson, A./Brown -- G5

Al and Jan Larson: Guide

Elton and Suzy Brown: Host

Meeting Location: 
Al and Jan Larson
150 Hickory Rd.
Grandview, WA -98930

Meeting Time: Sunday, 4-6pm

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect?  Anyone

Morris/Hershberger -- G6

Nic and Lauren Morris: Guide

Wes and Casandra Hershberger: Host

Meeting Location:
Wes and Casandra Hershberger
310 Westridge Dr.
Grandview, WA 98930

Meeting Time: Sunday, 6-8pm

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Anyone (Full capacity)


Russell/Simpson -- M1

Ryan and Alesha Russell: Guide

Todd and Sky Simpson: Host

Meeting Location:
Todd and Sky Simpson
24650 State Route 22
Mabton, WA 98935

Meeting Time: Two Sundays per month, 4-6pm

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Anyone


Grimes/ -- P1

Rick and Cris Grimes:  Guide

TBA:  Host

Meeting Location: 
Rick and Cris Grimes
117 Walker Place
Prosser, WA  99350

Meeting time:  Every other Monday, 6:30-8pm

Childcare:  Check with host

Who can connect?  Anyone

Grow -- P2

Dave and Bev Grow: Guide & Host

Meeting Location:
Dave and Bev Grow
1500 Kelandren PR SW
Prosser, WA 99350

Meeting time: Tuesday, 7-9pm

Childcare: No

Who can connect?  Anyone (Full capacity)

Marchant/Westenberg -- P4

Dan and Candee Marchant: Guide

Ross and Katie Westenberg: Host

Meeting location:
Ross and Katie Westenberg
137101 W. McCreadie Rd.
Prosser, WA 99350

Meeting Time: Every other Sunday evening

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Anyone  (Full capacity)

Mehrer/Mitchell-- P5

Linda Mehrer: Guide

Jean Mitchell: Host

Meeting location:
Linda Mehrer
1016 Sadie Street
Prosser, WA 99350

Meeting Time:Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Women

Miller, T./Dixon -- P6

Tom and Connie Miller: Guide

Jerry and Joyce Dixon: Host

Meeting location:
Jerry and Joyce Dixon
1575201 W. North River Rd
Prosser, WA 99350

Meeting Time: Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm

Childcare: Check with host

Who can connect? Anyone


Larson, M -- S1

Marita Larson: Guide

Meeting Location:
Marita Larson
351 Webster Rd.
Sunnyside, WA 98944

Meeting Time: Sunday, 5-7pm

Childcare: No

Who can connect? Anyone 55 and older (Full Capacity)



For questions regarding LIFE GROUPS, please contact Pastor Wes @ or (509) 882-1660.