Local Missions


Compassion Now has been transformed into COMPASSION CLOSET as our ministry to those in need in our valley.


A Compassionate Response to Our Community

Responding to the needs of our community is part of who we are as a church family—it is actually part of our mission statement.  For the last three years we have been blessed to provide care for many families in our community through a ministry called Compassion Now.  CN was open once a month and we provided a bag of food and hygiene items for each person that came.  We did our best to be God’s hand extended into their lives.
Over the last several months our board has been praying about whether we needed to change the way in which we provided.  The fact is that there are many churches and organizations in our area that do exactly what we have been doing.  It was also difficult to meet the needs with the few church families who regularly donated goods.  We began to wonder if there was a better way to provide.  It forced us to ask what it was that we could do that most other churches can’t.
We realized that God has provided our church with the resources and personnel to really spend time with each person that comes into the office with a need.  When a family comes in needing assistance one of our pastors sits down with them.  We counsel with them, share job ideas, make suggestions, keep them accountable…and certainly pray with them.  Often we spend an hour with each family before we provide them with the food or gas that they need.  What a great blessing that has been to both them and our church.
Because of this recognition we will no longer have Compassion Now open once a month, but we will now have a ministry called the Compassion Closet and it will be open every time our office is open!  This will be a closet that we keep emergency food and hygiene items that we can share with people who have an immediate need.  There have been times we have had homeless people come in hungry, or a lady who had only a bathrobe as a coat in the winter.  This Compassion Closet will allow us to give them exactly what they need and spend time counseling and praying with them.
If you are interested in this new ministry, please contact David Charvet (chiefnel20@gmail.com) or the church office.  We will need people to keep the Compassion Closet stocked with necessary goods, as well as regular financial donations to provide for those in need.
We certainly want to thank those who spent so much time working with Compassion Now.  They truly were a blessing to dozens of families each month.  
Thank you for praying for this very important ministry!  The Compassion Closet is open for business caring for our community!