One of the Areas identified by the NCS Church Survey that could be improved in our church body is our gift based ministries. The Transition team is excited to provide a spiritual gifts survey to help you identify your spiritual gifts. This not only allows for personal growth and awareness but can become a tool for identifying how you can use your gifts to build the church.

You may have heard about spiritual gifts and that God promises that every Christian receives certain gifts in order to build up the church as a whole. Now, you may be curious to understand which of these gifts you possess—but how do we go about discovering our giftings?

Using a spiritual gifts inventory is one way. A spiritual gifts inventory can help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and reveal patterns in how the Holy Spirit seems to use you. It may also help you identify what fulfills you when you serve—what gives you that I-just-gave-someone-a-gift feeling.

Click on this link to access the free online survey: GVNAZ Spiritual Gifts Survey

Be looking for follow up resources to help you utilize your identified gifts.

If you have any problems or questions please email or call the church office.