Thailand Partnership 2018-2021


Our Missions Spotlight is on Watoto Children's Choir!

  1. Praises for their ministry to us in October and that they brought Uganda to our minds.

  2. Prayers for their continued Safety and Blessing in ministry.

  3. Prayers for the work that Watoto Church is doing with Orphans and Widows (Mothers) - That they would parent like Jesus and know Jesus more and more.

Learn more about Watoto at


LINKS Missionaries

LINKS (Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing)

LINKS is the Nazarene program that connects the local church with Global Nazarene Missionaries. Your LINKS missionaries are your church’s “personal” missionaries for two years. With LINKS, missionaries and churches are paired up for two-year sessions to develop a personal relationship. Through praying, sending letters, e-mails and packages, your church supports the missionary family. You send a powerful message that even though they are out of sight, they are not out of mind...or out of your prayers.

Klaus and Martine Arnold are the LINKS missionary family for our church and the other Southeast Cluster of the Northwest District.

Klaus and Martina Arnold are global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene. They are serving on the Eurasia Region at the European Nazarene College. Klaus is the rector (president) and Martina is the music director.

Prior to their missionary appointment, they had served the Church of the Nazarene pastoring in Germany from 1988-1993. Since their early studies at European Nazarene College, they felt a call to preach and teach in Europe.

They have two grown daughters, Dorothee Morris (married to Jacob Morris, working and residing in Nashville, TN) and Kathrin Arnold (who serves in a church planting project in Mainz, Germany).

Klaus & Martina - Born in Germany
Children - 2 daughters: Dorothee & Kathrin
Home District: Germany
Home Church: Gottmadingen

Send a note or care package to The Arnolds!:
Klaus and Martina Arnold
Sommerberg 1
63589 Linsengericht, Germany
Email Klaus:
Email Martina:
Skype:  karnold1961


Online Missions Giving

You can now give online to support the Missionary initiatives at Grandview Church of the Nazarene.



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