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Message from Pastor Rob

Philippines Mission
Due to the collapse of the coconut industry the people of Camarines Norte Philippines are facing a current outbreak of famine and disease. During our recent visit in July of 2019 we encountered a beautiful people wholly dependent on God’s daily provision to put food on the table for their families. There is no safety net in the Philippines. If there is no food to eat, you simply do not eat. During our recent visit we shared gifts of shoes, crisis kits, toys for the children, clothes and much more with the people of Capalonga. We were able to provide medical and dental care to hundreds of people while feeding thousands more in the process. Thanks to the generosity of so many and the Lord’s provision, we were able to give medicine, vitamins and antibiotics to hundreds of people in need. We shared the gospel in the prison and to hundreds more in the small little church in Capalonga.

On our recent mission we visited tribes of natives in the jungle who had never seen a television. We showed them the Jesus film and watched the Holy Spirit move on them until more than a hundred and twenty of them gave their lives to Jesus that day. The following day we went to the ocean and baptized 12 of them. Since that day more than fifty more have been baptized in the local river. We have recently restored two of the church roofs put in a water containment system. We have also purchased a small piece of land where the Lord would have us build a mission so that more missionaries can come and serve. It will have a well with filtered water that will provide drinking water to all the people of Capalonga. 

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LINKS (Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing)

LINKS is the Nazarene program that connects the local church with Global Nazarene Missionaries. Your LINKS missionaries are your church’s “personal” missionaries for two years. With LINKS, missionaries and churches are paired up for two-year sessions to develop a personal relationship. Through praying, sending letters, e-mails and packages, your church supports the missionary family. You send a powerful message that even though they are out of sight, they are not out of mind...or out of your prayers.

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