Church Update - May 29, 2020

Think back with us to the dramatically shifting supply of information that predicated the decisions to move our services to video and our offices to our homes. Lengthy conversations and effective plans that were built based on achieved unity within the staff and board leadership and would then be completely unraveled in one press conference. In these shifting sands we believe we were able to make decisions that honored God and served our community.

Now we stand on a new threshold and we are wrestling with decisions that are just as difficult. We strongly desire to open our doors for corporate worship in a way that honors God and serves our community best. Governors, county officials, elected city leaders, and federal authorities seldom agree and often offer conflicting information. In this environment we as a church are given the opportunity to worship Jesus, engage our community and serve our world.

If it weren’t enough to navigate in this complex environment, we have the joy of receiving a new lead pastor right in the middle of this ever-changing mix.

So, here’s our plan. Please know that this environment requires our plan to be written in pencil with the eraser firmly clutched in our opposing hand. Please try not to be offended if the plan doesn’t reflect your keenest interests. As a part of the body of Christ your interests matter but have to be balanced against the composite.

We plan to continue with our online worship services until June 14. This date will be Pastor Ron’s last service with us until Pastor Cliff’s installation service. Moving the decision forward to this point will allow Pastor Cliff to finish well in his present assignment without spending valuable, uncompensated time on decisions that will affect his ministry with us. We need to further consider the fact that our community is struggling with this virus in a way that most of the state has overcome. Our farmworkers community and our elderly are still facing an onslaught that posts a rise in positive tests though we haven’t seen it affect the deaths in our county as dramatically (Thanks be to God).

Yes, President Trump has made the claim that the church is essential. We’re glad that he acknowledged what we already believe. Yes, Governor Inslee has made the requirements and possibilities of meeting out of doors easier in Stage 1 then if we were to meet inside as we shift to Stage 2.

All of these things will be considered as we make the determination how best to come together for worship. Know that whatever we do will look quite different than the way things were and the volunteer workforce that we will need to accomplish our gathering will be momentous.

Please pray that God’s favor will be upon us.
Please pray that God’s wisdom will be granted in ever-increasing measure.
Please communicate with us at any time.
Please strive to rid yourself of any critical spirit that might creep in.
Please make an effort to ignore any political persuasions you might have for the time being, so together we can move forward in the way God designs.
Please pray that together we can use this time to bring increase to God’s kingdom for Christ’s glory.

Your Ministry Staff
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