GVNaz Kids Update

With all of us more isolated lately, communication has been a bit harder. To catch you up, here’s an overview of some of ways church has looked like inside, and outside, the buildings walls.

•  Donut and cookie drop offs were just to make a contact and see their faces!

•  Sunday morning connections through Facebook along with fun GVNaz Kid sermon notes, and drawings for prizes.  Look for the “Hello, Sarah!” in the comments.

•  Zoom at 6:30 pm every Wednesday allows kids to see each other face-to-face and discuss a new topic each week.

•  Ms. Sarah is keeping in touch with our children through their own Facebook page Grandview Naz Kids with words of encouragement, celebrating birthdays, reminders of church, online meeting times and messages of “You are Loved and Missed!”  Kids will find worship videos to dance to or short bible stories to watch.

•  Flipgrid Friday started a few weeks ago and it’s a link where topics are asked each week and answered by each child their own video from home.

•  The church kids have also been working on individual outreach projects/challenges. Can’t wait to share more on this!

•  Summer 2020 T-shirts are being ordered looking forward to our Summer-in-the-Park Whatever it might look like this year, it will be fun!

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