Church - Change of Plans

Hey, Grandview Nazarene family,

Pastor Cliff here.  Guess what?  Our Covid adventure continues.  There is another wrinkle in the plans this week.  Hey, how about at this point instead of being frustrated or angry with those things, how about we all just look at it as comical and laugh our way through it.  

We had planned to worship outdoors through the month of September but as of today these plans have changed. If the forecast for the air quality for this Sunday is in any way accurate, we shouldn't be outside long enough to get through a worship service.  Your church board and church staff have been working together this week and we made the decision that once we go back indoors, we are indoors for good. And so this Sunday morning, things will be a little bit different and they will change again next week.  We can only have 50 people plus staff in the building and in-between now and Sunday morning we really don’t have time to pull off the registration process, notify the whole church family, etc.  

So here’s what we need to ask.  If you have good internet service, would you stay home and join the live stream at 9:30 am on the Grandview Nazarene Facebook page?  That will allow some of our older church members and some of the folks who do not have good service to come and participate in the live service.

50 folks plus staff.  That’s just not very many of our church family. Starting next week however we will have multiple services, multiple venues, we will inform you more about that but continue to be flexible. Continue to allow God’s Holy Spirit shape you, to shape your attitudes in all this.  You know the earliest Christians going through genuine persecution.  You know what they were noted for?  Not patience.  Not the leverage they put on government for change.  They were know for their joy even in the middle of affliction.  Hmmm, this is a little bit of an affliction.  How about we manifest the joy that God’s Holy Spirit gives us and be good witnesses to our neighbors.  

Just remember, this Sunday, no church on the lawn.  50 people indoors and next week we will make room for the whole church family.

Watch the GVNaz Facebook page, Web site, and your email for updates.

Grace and peace to you!

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