Church Gatherings and Activities (Updated 4/04/20) 

Well, here we go again!  With the directions from our governmental leaders changing almost daily, we have made some changes to the plans communicated to you last week regarding church activities.  In addition to what we previously shared, the ministry and office staff are now working from home.  But rest assured that you can still contact us through the office number or individually as well.  We want to hear from you.  So that we can stay connected as a church body, our leadership team will be trying to make contact with you as much as possible during this time.  If you have a need, please notify us by calling the church office. Just know that we are here for you.

The Plan:

1. (Update 4/04/20) All gatherings at the church are cancelled. The President has issued the "stay at home request" till the end of April.  Our Governor issued the “stay at home” order till May 4, 2020.  

2. (Update 3/24/20) The Church office is closed. The ministry and office staff are now working from home.  Rest assured that you can still contact us through the office number (882-1660) or individually as well.

3. (Update 3/24/20) Ministry of Concern (MOC) is on hold. If you have a need, or are aware of someone who is, please contact the office (882-1660).

4. On site Sunday services are cancelled, but Facebook Live will happen including music at 10:00AM.  The video of the service will then be uploaded to the GVNaz website for additional viewing.

5. Lights and heat will be cut back as much as possible in the building.

6. (Update 4/04/20) All Life Group gatherings are cancelled. Please stay home as all gatherings are prohibited. Life Groups are meeting online, by phone and text.

7. (Update 4/04/20) It will be sometime in May before we will be able to have a church vote for a new Lead Pastor.  Rest assured that we will still provide a video of the potential candidate to view prior to the vote.  We will keep you posted on when that will be.

Please pray for your pastors, staff and board members as we are trying to make good, quick decisions with rapidly changing information.  We so need your prayers.

You can read the church updates below. 

You are loved and appreciated.
Pastor Ron




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