Identity 1.0 - We Connect

Dec 27, 2020    Pastor Cliff Purcell    We become and make disciples by connecting.

Discipleship has many layers. Libraries full of books have been written about it. We’re dedicated people, but we’re also practical people, so we have to simplify this down to a handful of truths we can remember long enough to live them. So here we go: we become disciples by connecting, growing, and serving. Today we look at connecting. Disciples connect with God… (1) initially by being born again; (2) weekly by worshipping with the family; (3) daily by devotional practices of prayer, reading, meditation. Disciples connect with other believers to form sacred friendships that will help encourage us to keep following Jesus and to draw us back onto the path when we wander. Disciples connect with unbelievers in deliberate attempts to share God’s love and our new life with them. Disciples of Jesus connect, connect, connect!